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16-3月-19983次元有限要素温度解析に適したコンクリートの温度上昇実験式に関する研究中園, 健文; ナカゾノ, タケフミ; NAKAZONO, Takefumi
14-3月-2008A Comparative Study on the Feng Shui Village Landscape and Feng Shui Trees in East Asia : A Case Study of Ryukyu and Sakishima IslandsChen, Bixia
26-2月-2015A study of Coastal Fisheries Management Systems in the Pacific Islands : Focus on the Functions of CommunitiesJokim Veu Kitolelei; ジョキム ベウ キトレレイ
16-3月-2007A Study on the Role of Post-retirement Farmer as a Supporting Person on the Development of the Regional Agriculture(-A Case Study at Saga Prefecture in the Northern Kyushu of Japan-)POUNGCHOMPU, Supaporn
14-3月-1995Ammonia Toxicity to the Larvae of Red Sea Bream, Pagrus major and Japanese Croaker, Nibea japonica During the Seedling Production ProcessJose Luis Guillen Guillen
14-9月-2012Analysis of phenolic metabolites in the fermented teasWULANDARI, Rani Agustina; ウランダリ, ラニ アグスチナ
19-3月-2014Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater and Foods and Its Psychosocial Effects on Rural Bangladeshi ChildrenNAHAR, Mst. Nasrin
26-2月-2015Assessment of Strategic Forest Management System in the Subtropical Forest of Okinawa Main IslandNoor Janatun Naim Binti Jemali; ノル ジャナトン ナイム ビンテイ ジャマリ
17-3月-2006Basic studies on quality estimation and testing for fresh fruits and vegetables using hyperspectral imaging小林, 太一; コバヤシ, タイチ
14-3月-2008Biological activities of mimosine isolated from Leucaena leucocephala and identification of bioactive compounds from subtropical plant Bidens pilosaDeba, Farah
16-3月-2012Biological activities of three Okinawan plants, alpinia, leucaena, and pineappleAtul, Upadhyay; アツール, ウパダヤ
16-3月-2012Biomass estimation and trophic analysis of fish and shellfish in Kagoshima Bay, southern JapanFULANDA, Bernerd Mulwa; フランダ, バーナード ムルア
19-3月-2014Bioremediation of oil-contaminated seawater and sediment by an oil-degrading bacterial consortiumNUÑAL, Sharon Nonato
14-3月-2000CAM植物における光合成炭素代謝酵素の細胞内局在に関する研究近藤, 歩; コンドウ, アユム; KONDO, Ayumu
14-9月-2012Catalytic Features of Phenolic Acid Decarboxylase from Candida guilliermondiiHUANG, Hui-Kai; 黄, 喗凱
17-3月-2006Chemical and Sensorial Studies on Savory Fractions Obtained from Indonesian and Japanese Soy SaucesLIOE, Hanifah Nuryani; リュウ, ハニファ ヌルヤニ
26-2月-2015Clarification of the mechanism underlying host-plant manipulation by gall-inducing insects神代, 瞬; クマシロ, シュン; KUMASHIRO, Shun
17-3月-2006Decentralization Policy and Its Impact on the Community-Based Fisheries Management System in IndonesiaSATRIA, Arif; サトリア, アリーフ
17-3月-2006Detection and prevention of pasteurellosis in yellowtail Seriola quinqueradiata上田, 秀昌; ウエダ, ヒデマサ
15-3月-2010Development and utilization of synthetic soil aggregates as a plant growth medium produced by using different types of waste materialsGuttila Yugantha Jayasinghe; グッティラ ユガーンタ ジャヤシンハ
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 163
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