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29-5月-2015A Combination of in Vitro Comet Assay and Micronucleus Test Using Human Lymphoblastoid TK6 Cells木村, 葵; キムラ, アオイ; KIMURA, Aoi
8-12月-2015Abcb10 knockout mice causes anemia with protoporphyrin IX and iron accumulation: Abcb10 is essential for heme biosynthesis in vivo有村, 博史; アリムラ, ヒロシ; ARIMURA, Hiroshi
29-5月-2015Accumulation of p62 in degenerated spinal cord under chronic mechanical compression: Functional analysis of p62 and autophagy in hypoxic neuronal cells田邊, 史; タナベ, フミト; TANABE, Fumito
23-3月-2001Among Various Epithelial Neoplasms, Epstein-Barr virus involvement is Mainly Restricted to Lymphoepithelial Type of Gastric CarcinomaKIJIMA, Yuko; HOKITA, Shuichi; TAKAO, Sonshin; BABA, Masamichi; NATSUGOE, Shoji; YOSHINAKA, Heiji; ARIDOME, Kuniaki; OTSUJI, Tatsuto; ITO, Tetsuhiko; TOKUNAGA, Masayoshi; EIZURU, Yoshito; AIKO, Takashi; キジマ, ユウコ; 喜島, 祐子
22-7月-2015Angle between the common and internal carotid arteries detected by ultrasound is related to intima-media thickness among those with atherosclerotic disease大德, 尚司; ダイトク, サトシ; DAITOKU, Satoshi; 大徳, 尚司
11-9月-2015Anti-apoptotic Effects of PCP4/PEP19 in Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines: A Novel Oncotarget濵田, 大治; ハマダ, タイジ; HAMADA, Taiji
18-8月-2015Anti-ghrelin immunoglobulins modulate ghrelin stability and its orexigenic effect in obece mice and humans髙木, 恭仁子; タカギ, クニコ; TAKAGI, Kuniko; 高木, 恭仁子
29-5月-2015Antimicrobial Effect of an Ultrasonic Levitation Washer Disinfector with Silver Electrolysis and Ozone Oxidation on Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus玉井, 真理子; タマイ, マリコ; TAMAI, Mariko
14-9月-2015Arsenic trioxide prevents osteosarcoma growth by inhibition of GLI transcription via DNA damage accumulation.中村, 俊介; ナカムラ, シュンスケ; NAKAMURA, Shunsuke
29-5月-2015Assessment of Sentinel Node Concept in Esophageal Cancer Based on Lymph Node Micrometastasis萩原, 貴彦; ハギハラ, タカヒコ; HAGIHARA, Takahiko
29-5月-2015Association of Inflammatory Gene Polymorphisms and Conventional Risk Factors with Arterial Stiffness by Ageカルデマンド, モタヘラ; KHERADMAND, Motahare
29-5月-2015Association of problem behavior with sleep problem and gastroesophageal reflux symptom坂口, 勝義; サカグチ, カツヨシ; SAKAGUCHI, Katsuyoshi
18-8月-2015C-type natriuretic peptide modulates permeability of the blood-brain barrierボハラ, マノズ; BOHARA, Manoj
29-5月-2015Cardiotrophin-1 Induces Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 in Human Aortic Endothelial Cells時任, 紀明; トキトウ, ノリアキ; TOKITO, Noriaki
14-3月-1995CDP-cholineの砂ネズミ虚血脳における細胞障害への治療的効果増田, 次俊; マスダ, ツギトシ; MASUDA, Tsugitoshi
18-8月-2015Chorein, the protein responsible for chorea-acanthocytosis, interacts with β-adducin and β-actin塩川, 奈理; シオカワ, ナリ; SHIOKAWA, Nari
23-7月-2015Clinical and biological impact of cyclin-dependent kinase subunit 2 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.石原, 由香; イシハラ, ユカ; ISHIHARA, Yuka
29-5月-2015Clinical study on anti-fungal drug activity against clinically isolated strains of oral Candida species.永山, 知宏; ナガヤマ, トモヒロ; NAGAYAMA, Tomohiro
18-8月-2015Comparison of relief and rescue activities that occurred after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945: Comparison of rescue and relief activities within 72 hours of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki松成, 裕子; マツナリ, ユウコ; MATSUNARI, Yuko
29-5月-2015Correlation of serum levels of complement C4a desArg with pathologically estimated severity of glomerular lesions and mesangial hypercellularity scores in patients with IgA nephropathy曽我部, 篤史; ソガベ, アツシ; SOGABE, Atsushi
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 106
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