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24-10月-2003A Comparative Study on the Radula of Three Coleoid CephalopodsSAMUEL, Deepak V.; PATTERSON, Jamila
26-3月-2012A Markedly Important Aspect of the Human Ecology of Swidden Cultivation : the Labour Requirements for Producing Staple Crops in Solomon Islands and North ThailandNAKANO, Kazutaka; ナカノ, カズタカ; 中野, 和敬
31-10月-2000A New Systropus from Taiwan and Japan (Diptera, Bombyliidae)NAGATOMI, Akira; TAMAKI, Nagahisa; EVENHUIS, Neal L.; ナガトミ, アキラ; タマキ, ナガヒサ; 永冨, 昭
25-10月-2011A Pilot Analysis of the Role of Learning Styles in Online Learning Environments : The Case of an American Pacific Island UniversityINOUE, Yukiko
2007A Preliminary Assessment of the Green Sea Turtle Chelonia mydas Population and its Foraging Grounds in Kilifi Creek, KenyaFULANDA, Bernerd; OHTOMI, Jun; MUENI, Elizabeth; NZUKI, Simmons; MUASA, John; MUTHAMA, Charles; HOSSAIN, Yeamin Md.
31-3月-1999A Review of Cuttlefish Basket Trap FisheryWATANUKI, Naohiko; KAWAMURA, Gunzo
24-3月-2006A Study on the Effects of Iso-Phosphorus Fertilizers on Plankton Production in Fish PondsHOSSAIN, Md. Yeamin; BEGUM, Momtaz; AHMED, Zoarder Faruque; HOQUE, Md. Ashabul; KARIM, Md. Abdul; WAHAB, Md. Abdul
27-2月-2004Advances in Mass Rearing of Chrysoperla carnea (Stephen) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)ASHFAQ, Muhammad; NASREEN, Abida; CHEEMA, Ghulam Mustafa
29-10月-2010Aloha for Their Violence : Locating the NFL'S Pro Bowl within Contemporary Hawai'i and the Deeper Hawaiian PastHANLON, David
2009An Ecological Study of the Mantis Shrimp Lysiosquilla macutala Fabricius (Crustacea: Stomatopoda) in the Reef Flat, Pari Island, West Java, Indonesia: 1. The Relationship Between Environmental Factors and Mantis Shrimp PopulationSukristijono Sukardjo; Toro, A.V.
30-4月-2000Apparent Magnitude of a Visible Star under the Hazard of Light Glare PollutionNAMEDA, Naoyoshi
30-10月-2013Aspirations for career and marriage among young Japanese women: the case of Okayama UniversityINOUE-SMITH, Yukiko
2006Automatic Long Time Observation of the Volcanic Clouds at Satsuma-Iojima, Kyushu, JapanMATSUI, Tomoaki; KINOSHITA, Kisei; MACHIDA, Shoichi; TAKAHARA, Hiroyuki; YAMAMOTO, Masashi; KANAGAKI, Chikara; 松井, 智彰; 木下, 紀正; 町田, 昌一; 高原, 弘幸; 山本, 昌史; 金柿, 主税
30-3月-2001Autonomy, Federalism or the Unthinkable? Indonesian Debates and the Future of West PapuaKING, Peter
7-11月-2005Beach Litter in Amami Islands, JapanKAWAI, Kei
24-10月-2003Becoming a Traditional Fisherman? -Reasons for Selecting a Fishing Method: Ethnographic Approach to Underwater Speargun Fishing, Republic of Palau, MicronesiaOTA, Yoshitaka
25-3月-2015Biogeographical Distribution and Phylogenetic Analysis of Simulium (Wallacellum) (Diptera: Simuliidae) Based on the Mitochondrial SequencesOTSUKA, Yasushi; TAKAOKA, Hiroyuki; 大塚, 靖; 高岡, 宏行
24-3月-2006Botanical Exploration in Small Islands: 1. Floristic Ecology and The Vegetation Types of Pari Island, West Java, IndonesiaSUKARDJO, Sukristijono
2008Brush and Vegetation Park Fishery in the River Titas, Brahmanbaria, BangladeshSAGIR AHMED, M.D.; HAFEZA AKTHER
7-11月-2005Critical Thinking and Diversity Experiences: The Case of An American Pacific Island UniversityINOUE, Yukiko
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 108
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