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タイトル: 12年間観察できた低カロリー食摂取潰瘍性大腸炎の1例
著者: 石神, 信治
イシガミ, ノブハル
ISHIGAMI, Nobuharu
Keywords: ulcerative colitis
low-calorie diet
dietary restriction
内容記述: In ulcerative colitis (UC), a high-calorie diet is deemed necessary to promote healing of ulcers. The author had an opportunity to observe for 12 years a case reflecting voluntary daily intake of a low-calorie diet (1000Kcal or less) for many years and extreme dietary restriction and fasting practiced upon relapse of UC. The patient is a 47-year-old female. Ten years prior to visiting this clinic, she was diagnosed with UC at another facility and had received treatment. In May 1993 the patient visited this clinic for complaints of bloody stool, diarrhea, back pain, and left-side abdominal pain. Colonoscopy and barium enema in October 1993 allowed diagnosis of left-sided colitis-type UC. Ulcerative Colitis Disease Activity Index (UCDAI) score was 10. The outcome of treatments, in September 1998, remission was demonstrated endoscopically, and UCDAI score was 2. Complaint of bloody stool ceased in and after 1999. There are no reports of remission of UC observed endoscopically in low calorie status. Thus, the author reports this case as valuable.
公開者・出版者: 鹿児島大学
カゴシマ ダイガク
Kagoshima University
資源タイプ: 論文(Article)
Departmental Bulletin Paper
著者版フラグ: publisher
ISSN: 03685063
NCID: AN00040104
雑誌名: 鹿児島大学医学雑誌=Medical journal of Kagoshima University
巻: 63
号: 1
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 5




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