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タイトル: 100hue testに於ける光源と加齢の効果
著者: 行田, 尚義
ナメダ, ナオヨシ
NAMEDA, Naoyoshi
Keywords: 425
内容記述: This paper reports the results of an investigation on light sources and ages of subjects for the 100 hue test. The 100 hue test is mainly used in the eye check field for color dealing inspectors and for clinical usage in ophthalmology. The color specimens used for the test, produced by the Japanese Color Research Institute, are almost the same as the Farnswarth- Munsell 100 hue test specimens, which are widely used throughout the world. For light sources, a white color fluorescent lamp, a specially color improved D65 fluorescent lamp, a tri-phospher fluorescent lamp and an incandescent lamp, were used. Subjects were segregated into two groups. One was a young person's gorup, whose two members were 20 years of age. Another was an older person's group, including two members, one was 50 years old, while another was 60 year old. The best color discrimination property was presented by a lamp which has high color rensering index and has a component for continuous spectral distributed energy. The most effective factor involved human visual properties, especially an aged perlon's eye. Deterioration in color discrimination for an aged person's eye, seems to depend on eye lens coloring and accomodation to power decrease. The color discrimination ability is considered approximately as the color hue discrimination. Therefore, the color discrimination ability is estimated from metric hue angles between the color specimens indicated on a *b* color coodinates, under illumination by a lamp.
公開者・出版者: 鹿児島大学
カゴシマ ダイガク
Kagoshima University
資源タイプ: 論文(Article)
Departmental Bulletin Paper
著者版フラグ: publisher
ISSN: 0451212X
NCID: AN00040363
雑誌名: 鹿児島大学工学部研究報告
巻: 33
開始ページ: 267
終了ページ: 272




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