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タイトル: 10月に魚釣島近海に出現したカジキ、サバに関する二、三の知見
著者: 盛田, 友弌
モリタ, トモカズ
MORITA, Tomokazu
Keywords: 自然科学
内容記述: on the fishing test in the waters of Uoturijima in October, the following results were obtained : 1) At the Uoturijima Fishing Ground a large catch of Makaira mazara was noted. 2) It was considered that at the outside of 100-fathom line Makaira mazara swam along the warm Kurosio current, while at the inside of the line Makaira marlina swam near between the warm water of upper part and the cold water of lower part, and marlin looked for mackerel and horse mackerel (Decapterus murodsi). 3) It was perceived that at the inside of the line mackerel (Scomber tapeinocephalus) swam in the cold water zoneand in the waters of 45 miles off Noth・west~west of Uoturijima. 4) In October, it seemed that many small-sized mackerels were found off shore, many large-sized were found in the coastal waters・ The quality indicator (W/L3 1030) of the former was 13.5-14.5, the latter was 14・0-15.0, and genital glands were almost unripe.
公開者・出版者: 鹿児島大学
カゴシマ ダイガク
Kagoshima University
資源タイプ: 論文(Article)
Departmental Bulletin Paper
著者版フラグ: publisher
ISSN: 0453087X
NCID: AN00040498
雑誌名: 鹿児島大学水産学部紀要=Memoirs of Faculty of Fisheries Kagoshima University
巻: 3
号: 1
開始ページ: 44
終了ページ: 51
URI: http://karn.lib.kagoshima-u.ac.jp/handle/123456789/12514




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